our recipes

With three distinct menus for an array of experiences, our recipes are designed to be accessible to all communities. Offering a fresh + modern take on traditional Pakistani cuisine, without compromising on authenticity or flavour; we hope to break down walls with love and curry!


Featuring our signature Naanwiches, curries, samosas, and more! Available at our Calgary market for takeaway and contact-less pickup.


daawat + catering + food truck

Choose from a wide variety of our menu suggestions or tell us what you are craving. We will be sure to impress you and your guests. Every engagement is a personal experience at The Curryer.  

Be sure to enquire about our famous food truck for a unique, and easy catering experience!


food truck

COMING SOON: retail market

Experience our market and chat with our chefs about the rich flavours of our packaged curries, meats, marinades and meals. We want every guest to leave with more than just delicious food!