Unbelievable but true

How the Curryer came to be

It all started with …

A desire to bring authentic family recipes from Pakistan and India to Canada in a thoughtful, approachable menu to be enjoyed by everyone!


Hi, I’m Cam Slade and I would like to introduce Mubina, my Ammi Jaan (which is Urdu for ‘Mom’). Ammi Jaan was born and raised in Faisalabad, Pakistan as the youngest of 6 sisters and a brother. She developed a love and talent for bringing flavours alive at a young age. As a child she could often be found in the kitchen with her own mother. Ammi has fond memories of running down to the neighbourhood tandoor for fresh naan or roti to serve with family meals. She grew into a woman with a contagious smile and got married to Mashhood (I call him Abu Jaan , which is Urdu for ‘Dad’). He was a geologist and because of his work, together they were able to experience new flavours from all over Pakistan. Ammi would often replicate her favourites in their own kitchen. However, in 1989 she was forced to flee her homeland with her husband and their young daughter to escape religious persecution. To protect their family, they immigrated to Canada.

In the early 90s, Abu Jaan found work as a wellsite geologist in Alberta’s booming oil fields. Ammi searched local Calgary shops for Pakistani or Indian ingredients, which were harder to come by back then, so that she could cook and freeze months worth of meals for Abu. While other geologists were served camp meals at the wellsites, Ammi wanted to make sure that Abu had a taste of familiarity, especially when he was away from both his family and his homeland. At home, Ammi was now raising her four young children while enrolled in English classes, and became well known in the community for her kind heart and tasty dishes.

Since then, Mubina has trained chefs in some of Calgary’s favourite restaurants and is always ready to whip up a meal for surprise guests, family gatherings, or community events. Her desire to share delicious food with everyone she knows is the inspiration behind The Curryer and we can’t wait for you to try our beloved Ammi Jaan’s recipes, too!

Mubina and our team are so happy to invite you to experience our passion for Pakistani & Indian cuisine at The Curryer.

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